Open Access Network for Business in Malaysia

Making the right choice for the right tools and systems among all other alternatives in Malaysia can be a difficult job for consumers. Selecting fast network for small business is also a challenging task because there are many networks with small business fiber optic. We are the installation of networks like the fiber optic are the fast flowing source.

IP VPN Malaysia is made easy in any city of Malaysia. FFTP has transformed fiber optical installation from the provision of connection to the new fiber optic technologies. We have the open fiber optic plan which is important to consumers by creating awareness of consumer’s choice. Fiber optic installation through an open-access plan also brings about competition in the environment.Honestly, consumers like advanced services which are economical.

The open fiber optic network has developed a new and active market for all fiber optic installation. The network has also promoted the growth of the economy in Malaysia because network providers use trusted and fastest internet access to boost their operations.Fiber optic installation allows multiple ISP to share similar network. By operating with this plan, the broadband is built together by Telco, Seraya and another network known as fiber communication. Most of the infrastructures are leased line installation by an operating company.

The company includes the active functions to the network and trade access to working broadband network to another service provider. The operating company will be paid by the service provider one monthly basis per consumer. In another way round, the private content providers can trade their content to the public consumers. This procedure is carried out through. The portals of operating company are tasked, with the responsibilities of keeping the billing records, and have a billing relationship with the consumer directly. The open access installation of fiber optic networks creates the awareness of networks investments. Any client of telecom can get links to network on combining payments and agreements. Open access fiber installation varies based on the capacity of company activities.

There are some advantages which could be obtained from appointed network operator working with the service provider. They are;

The consumer will have the freedom of selecting any type of service from any service provider online at any particular time.

The service provider can deliver their service equivalently through the same channel

The service provider and network operator will work together based on contracts and technical experience.

In this case, the network operator will get a part of the income generated through the service provider. The open access fiber network installations will encourage increment in price which is an advantage to the service providers. It will also enhance the replication of facilities in the country and this will have a negative effect on the country’s financial implication. Another way for open access fiber network is that the service provider should capitalize on their infrastructure. This will lead to oversupply in-demand market. Giving access for small business to use the current fiber network is more risky and costly than starting the development of the new network.