Why is it Important to Have Digital Marketing Strategy?



As per the stats, 72% of marketers think that traditional marketing is no longer adequate and digital

marketing can boost their company’s revenue by 30%.

Most marketers agree to the fact that some of the components of business require planning or strategy,

but surprisingly, when it comes to digital marketing, they fail to see its potential. It can be evaluated

from the fact that 49% of the organizations have no defined digital marketing strategy in place.


But what is a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is simply a defined plan that makes a path for you to utilize your readily

available social media platforms to reach out to your targeted audience and ensures the growth of your

business. There is an increased demand of agencies that provide digital marketing services to small and

big businesses alike.


And why is strategy important in your digital marketing planning?

Planning a strategy is a first step in defining effective marketing activities. It is imperative to say that

without a good strategy in place, your digital marketing efforts can fail. A well-formed strategy gives you

a manageable method to execute your marketing efforts. Without a plan in process, there will no

correlation between your posts, making it nothing but irrelevant.

–Strategy is a key to successful marketing

Strategy -> Research -> Process -> Goals

The key component towards winning marketing plan is strategy. Here is why professionals in digital marketing industry think so.


A Documented Strategy Matters

Marketers who have documented their strategy get 538% successful in their marking initiative.

Content Inc. author Joe Pulizzi said: “Marketers who document their strategy are much more likely to

accomplish their content marketing goals and be successful.”


Top Marketers Set Goals

Marketers who have strategic goals experienced a success rate of 429% against those who have no

strategy in place. Without a pre-defined goal, it can be hard to track results and measure ROI.


Strategy Lends Clarity and Direction

It’s necessary to be sure about why you are doing what you are doing. Having a strategy help you

comprehend how far you have reached. It motivates you to perform well


Optimize and Stay Ahead

Making a strategy is a sure shot way to guarantee improvements. It will serve as a benchmark for your

other marketing activities that will enable you to calculate the performance.


Integrate With Other Channels

Having a Strategy in place allows you to incorporate your digital marketing activities with other business

operations. A well-planned strategy makes sure your campaign is aligned with other channels of social



Assign Digital Marketing the Right Budget

A strategy pinpoints where you are missing out on resources to accomplish your goals. Appealing this

strategy to your targeted audience will enable you to utilize your budget into a good use.

A strategy can help you find possible ways to encourage your customers to engage with your brand and

turn them into a prospective customer.