5 Tips to Boost Your Marketing

5 Tips to Boost Your Marketing

1- Sell a lifestyle

One of the fastest and most effective/efficient ways to be popular on Instagram (gain visibility and followers) is to share photos and videos describing the lifestyle around your products and services without adopting an attitude too “seller”.

Instead, you show how your products and services contribute to a global lifestyle those appeals to your audience. Do not focus on selling your product by explaining how incredible it is. Concentrate on selling, however, the culture and experience that your products and services can provide.

For example, the idea of selling backpacks may seem boring in itself. However, traveling, hiking or camping in the mountains can please many people.


2- Focus on visual content

Users are more likely to act if they can recognize your brand for miles. To accomplish this, you can follow the following instructions:


Create consistent visuals (images, videos) in terms of style and quality

Choose a color scheme to follow as much as possible

If you use filters, make sure to use the same ones

Do not stuff your images and text descriptions

If you execute these tips well, then your brand will be recognized immediately.

You can also take a look at Nike’s publications, they do that very well. Nike has built its image (online and offline) using motivational images involving athletes and consumers.

Their iconic slogan “Just Do It” is at the heart of their branding strategy and moreover, this is visible on all social networks where Nike is present. When you see their publications, you know its Nike, even without a logo or brand name.

So, you are summoned to appeal to your creativity. Do not just take a picture of a product and add a filter. The solution to creating something different and unique can be as simple as this.

If your resources are limited, you can create images by attaching quotes or testimonials from clients. Just remember to keep in mind, the quality and the right color scheme.


3- Add a link to your profile in your bio

One of the main flaws of Instagram is the fact that this application gives us the possibility of only one live link (clickable). You cannot insert live links in the descriptions of your posts.

Indeed, the only place to put your link is in your bio (profile). So be sure to put something for your followers when they visit your profile. It can be a link to your Facebook page, a link to a blog post, a link to a personalized landing page, a link to an email capture page, or even a link to a e-commerce site.

And you can change this link as much as it seems necessary to direct your visitors to another type of content for example.


4- Have a very good logo

A good logo does not necessarily mean something complicated and/or super colorful. It can be something quite simple. I refer you to the Nike logo. Or the logo of the brand presented above.

Yes friends, Instagram is a platform with a strong visual orientation. If you have more Twitter Followers So believe me, a bad logo with a degraded visual cannot be an advantage for your brand.

You do not just need a good logo because it can enhance your credibility and give a good first impression. You need a good logo to use as a watermark of your publications.

In this way, if your content becomes viral, it will bring traffic back to you by making your brand known to more people. Business is about winning and maintaining the trust that customers can give you. The logo is the first step to implement this aspect.


5- Promote others and the content of others

This may seem counter-intuitive from the moment we agree that your goal is to promote your own brand/business – and trust me, promoting your brand alone is not easy at all.

If you help promote other brands and promote them in return, you tap both a wider audience and gain followers much faster. This can be done in many ways. You can opt for shootouts of mentioning another brand in a given publication. Or opt for influence marketing that we will discuss later.


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