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Why SEO Will Be A Major Part In The Front-End Scene

Why SEO Will Be A Major Part In The Front-End Scene

SEO has always been a major topic within the Internet of Things. In fact, it has been covered from a User Experience point of view, from a Content one, from a PR perspective and, lately, from a technical one. Optimising a website’s backend is extremely complex and to do it with a focus on Google’s algorithm (and, also, other search engines) is definitely quite the task. Let’s analyse which parameters will be hit by technical SEO in the next couple of years.

Crawling Optimisation

In order to understand technical SEO, it’s important to understand what’s the process behind Google’s indexing. User agents (in Google’s case, Googlebot) are crawling the web, in order to then create a detailed index where they can successively rank such pages. This, of course, applies to an HTML-only page, which is extremely hard to find (let’s say impossible in 2019). When other variables such as CSS and Javascript are stepping into the equation, there’s a defined process that should be taken into consideration: rendering. In fact, the user agents are processing the information which is included within big blocks of JS code to then create a much more clear picture of the site. This process is very much the only reason why many sites are being heavily slowed down in terms of rankings, but we’ll cover it in the next couple of paragraphs. In order to optimise the crawling and indexing process, it’s important to check your robots.txt files and your HTML tags, since those are the first two things such crawlers are looking for.

The Javascript Variable

Unlike what’s been normally stated by many “SEO Experts”, Google does read Javascript but doesn’t automatically crawl it (see paragraph above). The rendering process for what concerns Javascript is quite complicated and requires a vast knowledge of JS as a whole plus its libraries React and jQuery. In fact, these are the only libraries which are likely to be quickly rendered by Googlebot, given the fact that Chrome 41 (Googlebot’s current version) is pretty old and requires a simple coding syntax.

By analysing Javascript in its complexity, with the application explicitly related to Google, we can state the fact that another big part of its applications would be related to the eternal debate between CSR (Client Side Rendering) and SSR (Server Side Rendering) for what concerns apps and the overall site’s speed. If you’re concerned about your Javascript, running Google Developer Tools and their JS debugger will show you how Googlebot will fetch your page’s JS. This is extremely important because if your content is included within big blocks of JS, it’s likely not to get crawled by the user agent.

CSS: Is It Important?

It can’t be a front-end analysis if it doesn’t consider the CSS part of your site which is, indeed, as important as the JS one. A phenomenon like white spacing and overused sprites fro image-running could impact your UX, your speed and therefore, your rankings. In fact, Googlebot is actively looking after …

Content Marketing and SEO, 2 Important Elements in Your Business

Content Marketing and SEO, 2 Important Elements in Your Business


Now content marketing is very important to support your online business. Say you have a strong message about your online business product. Your goal is to convey the message to the right person. The effort to make this work is to use content marketing.

Content marketing is a technique in creating and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content to get the right audience.

In addition, SEO (search engine optimization) also has an important role.

SEO is a process or effort to increase the visibility of a website or a web page in an organic search.When used properly, content marketing and SEO strategies are two things that can be a determinant of website success and online business.


The Importance of Content Marketing

At present, there are still many marketers still confused between content created with its ability to appear on the first page of search engines. Those who are experts in LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO usually take an approach based on the data they get for their content marketing strategies. However, they sometimes fail to take into account other important factors such as the message you want to convey, the writing format that is comfortable to read, and others.

Conversely, content marketers usually do not pay attention to SEO in creating content. They focus on the content itself, without paying much attention to optimization techniques or doing research before creating content.

If you take the right content marketing approach, your content must be based on data about trends and topics that attract the attention of your target audience. Content distribution must also be done on several channels, including organic search (google) and social media.

Marketers who use content marketing without a background in organic search may not understand what content needs to compete in search engines.


Utilizing Organic Search for Content Marketing

Organic search can be one of the most complicated channels to understand and competition in it is very tight.

If your online brand or business is ready to enter the organic search channel for your content marketing, there are three tips that you can follow:

  • A content management system that supports your company’s marketing needs.
  • A content optimization plan using data or research material.
  • Know your goals when making a content marketing plan. Does it increase traffic or brand awareness (brand awareness)


The conclusion

In essence, content marketing and SEO are very related to each other. 2 This must be continuous if you want to make your online business generate sales conversions…