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What I Can Teach You About Resources

What You Need to Know About Pit Bull Puppies

Pit bulls have very strong instinct and they were originally bred to fight other dogs and animals, so it is important to begin socialization on a leash. You can reward your pit bull by saying his name every time he looks at you on command. Before you allow him to sniff the other animal, wait for your pit bull to respond to your commands and look at you. For any good interaction, reward your pit bull puppy with treats and praise like when he is trying to engage play or sniff. Keep interactions positive and short, and if he gets overly excited, growls or elicits barks, place him in a time-out space and wait for him to calm down.

When it comes to training, it should be done in a positive approach so your pit bull will behave properly because they are very energetic and pull on leash. You can start your pit bull’s training by exposing him to other dogs. Your pit bull will soon learn how to greet in a calm and polite manner. When your pit bull makes leash become loose by turning around, praise him and continue walking, but if your pit bull starts to pull, then stop walking. This is considered as positive training that can prosper good bonding between you and your pit bull, and at the same time reducing the change of triggering negative behavior. As your pit bull puppy grows, he will become more energetic, so it is important to carefully plan his exercise to release his energy by having him exercise at least an hour daily, especially when your pit bull reaches six to eighteen months. Pit bulls just love to run and chase, so include these activities and allow him to play with other dogs.

Pit bulls have also common health problems such as allergies so it is important to only feed your pi bull with high-quality food, avoiding grains and choosing a protein-based food for your dog. Try to switch food if your pit bull keeps on chewing and scratching frequently. The other health problem that pit bulls usually experience is hip and elbow dyspepsia that can be exacerbated by weight, so only feed your pit bull with the recommended amount.

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